Mid-1800s Era Sunken Anchor

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Mid-1800s Era Sunken Anchor


During production of the documentary Hidden Pacific, released in 2019, divers photographed this anchor off the western reefs. While the anchor itself was not a new discovery, these high resolution images offer a very detailed look at one of the most mysterious relics around Palmyra!

Kydd Pollock, who has lived (for months at a time) and worked on Palmyra for over a decade as part of the Nature Conservancy team, sent us this note about the anchor:

"I took a bunch of measurements of the shaft, flukes, top prongs, chain size etc. and sent them to a guy I know at the museum of tropical Queensland in Townsville, Australia who is a marine archeologist. With all that I sent, he told me the anchor would have been the ship’s ‘storm anchor’ and not the main anchor and that he could place it somewhere between 1840-1880. With some more time and money he said that he could likely narrow down much more and possibly to the actual ship it was from....”

Perhaps someday a full investigation into the anchor's origin will be possible, but in the mean time we're very grateful to the Hidden Pacific crew for sending us these images!


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