Terrestrial Biota Survey Photo Collection

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Terrestrial Biota Survey Photo Collection


Starting in February of 1992, a team of US Fish and Wildlife scientists visited Palmyra. The summary report describes the purpose of the visit as follows:

"Our goal was to characterize the terrestrial biota of the atoll in terms of species composition of plants, and occurrence, density, and distribution of marine turtles, birds, mammals, and land crabs. In addition to basic biological survey we looked at the wildlife resources at Palmyra with respect to proposed development plans, specifically the locations of high bird concentrations, turtle beaches, and other significant features on and near Cooper-Meng island."

The photos in this collection come from that trip, and to our knowledge were solely taken by Ken McDermond, who at the time was the Manager for all Pacific Remote Refuges, which included Palmyra. Ken unfortunately passed away in 2015, after a life spent dedicated to conservation efforts.

We're very grateful to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for providing these materials to us.


Ken McDermond






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