Photos of Coconut Crab Specimen

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Photos of Coconut Crab Specimen


These images are of a coconut crab in the archives of the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. We know the specimen was donated to them in 1924, but there's no other documentation on it.

Our suspicion the crab came to Hawaii from Palmyra in 1922, aboard the ship Palmyra (a motorized sampan),.
This boat was built specifically by the Fullard-Leo family (who owned the atoll at the time) to bring back coconuts from the Palmyra Atoll and sell in Honolulu markets.

Local papers from 1922 mention three coconut crabs from Palmyra being shown in the local aquarium, and we suspect after living in said facility for 2 years, one was donated to the Bishop museum.

We are especially grateful to the Bishop Museum staff for providing these images!


Bishop Museum




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“Photos of Coconut Crab Specimen,” Palmyra Archive, accessed March 21, 2019,

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