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KG6MV KH5 1940 Warner Hoboy.jpg
Palmyra Designation: KP6
Operator: Warner Hoboy

This QSL represents the first documented DxPedition to Palmyra, and we're very excited to house a digital copy of it in our archive.

Special thanks to the Club Log Team for sharing this QSL with…

Date: 1940-06-01

Palmyra Designation: KP6AB
Operator: W26FW

Date: 1946-11-06

Palmyra Designation: KP6AA
Operator: W81QS

Date: 1947-03-14

Palmyra Designation: KH6KL
Operator: W2HHF

This QSL was likely created by a CAA (forerunner to the FAA) employee, who lived and worked on Palmyra as part of the colony.  Amateur radio would have been an ideal hobby for someone there at the time,…

Date: 1947-06-17

KH6KQ-KP6 1948 Patrick Rigg.jpg
Palmyra Designation: KP6
Operator: William H. Dirk

Special thanks to the Club Log Team for sharing this QSL with us!

Date: 1948-03-09

Palmyra Call Sign:
Operator Call Sign: W7FNK
Operator Name: Jack Wheeler

Date: 1957-06-29

Pamyra Designation: KP6AL
Operator: W7FNK - Jack Wheeler

Date: 1957-09-27

Palmyra Designation: KP6AL
Operator: W6NZW - Jack Wheeler

Date: 1958-04-10

Palmyra Designation: KP6
Operator: W3ZJU - John A. Hudick

Date: 1958-09-23

Palmyra Call Sign: KP6
Operator Call Sign: K6IGP
Operator Name: Donald Richtenburg

Date: 1958-10-21

KP6AO 1960 SM5LNE.jpg
Palmyra Designation: KP6
Operator: Warren

Special thanks to the Club Log Team for sharing this QSL with us!

Date: 1960-10-30

Palmyra Designation: KP6AL
Operator: K1AZA

Date: 1962-04-14

Palmyra Designation: KP6
Operator: W0ANJ

Date: 1962-05-27

Palmyra Designation: KP6
Operator: W6FAY - Jay

Date: 1963-07

Palmyra Designation: KP6
Operator: K0ZCN

Date: 1967-03-05

Palmyra Designation: KP6AL
Operator: KH6CHC

Date: 1970-09-10

Palmyra Designation: KP6AL
Operator: W3AXW - Jack

Date: 1974-06-30

1974 QSL Front.jpg
Operator: K6AHV This Dxpedition is notable for its members having helped the two stranded sailors get free of the reefs outside the lagoon entrance. Unfortunately, these people ended up being accused (and one convicted) of murder in the now infamous…

Date: 1974-07-23

Palmyra Designation: KP6AL
Operator: WB9KTA - Barry

Date: 1977-06-17

Palmyra Designation: KH5
Operator: K6LPL

Date: 1980-01-06

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