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Bob James, Jim Maynard, EJZ, and Steve Cox.jpg
Dr. Zipser was the scientific coordinator for the Line Islands Experiment, a testament to his knowledge and skill, having received his doctorate just a few years prior. These photos were taken by him and his staff during his time on Palmyra.


Date: 1967-03-05

Davey leaving island.jpg
The Klaraborg, the world's oldest still operating sailing vessel until its sinking in 1982, stayed for 2 weeks on Palmyra in October of 1974. These photos were collected and kept by one of the crew at the time, Gail Maltby. The crew and their story…

Date: 1971-09-16

In 1980, the owner's of Palmyra granted a lease to the Undersea Resources Ltd company to farm shrimp in the lagoons of Palmyra. These photos were part of the extensive survey report, created to describe to potential investors what such a farm would…

Date: 1980

In 1980, members of the CAA families who lived on Palmyra from 1948 to 1949, reunited for a visit the atoll. These photos show them wandering the atoll, exploring the few buildings and structures to survive the years of exposure in the Pacific. …

Date: 1980

2015-02-20 16.40.59.jpg
In 1984, a group of yachties (leisure sailors who often visit uninhabited or sparsely populated islands) stayed on Palmyra, and were given a guided tour by none other than world famous sailor Bernard Moitessier. There are several significant photos…

Date: 1984

1992_McDermond_Palmyra 1.jpeg
Starting in February of 1992, a team of US Fish and Wildlife scientists visited Palmyra. The summary report describes the purpose of the visit as follows:

"Our goal was to characterize the terrestrial biota of the atoll in terms of species…

Date: 1992-02-18

Kanton team photo.jpg
In 1998, TIGHAR sent a team to Kanton Island, as part of their research into possible alternative explanations for the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. The photos in this collection are from their stopover on Palmyra to refuel, and include pictures…

Date: 1998

2009-01-13 04.27.26.jpg
In 1998, Dr. James Maragos was part of a joint effort by the USFWS and Nature Conservancy to explore Palmyra as a possible nature preserve and adventure tourism site. While there they took a number of photographs of the coral and wildlife.


Date: 1998

This portrait of US Marine James L Breckenridge has little information, and was found while combing through the National Archives online records. Besides the name and date, we don't know much else, only that he was on Palmyra at that time, likely as…
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