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The Naval Chronicle was the original source for the announcement of Palmyra's discovery by Captain Cornelius Sowle, as described in this excerpt. There are 2 important things to note:

1. The spelling of the captain's name is Sowle, not Sawle, as…

Date: 1805-11-10

This book was published throughout World War 2, and gave pilots general overviews of friendly island facilities throughout the Pacific, and instructions for landing on them.

Unfortunately the scan is lower quality, but the text and images are…

Date: 1944

The Quartermaster Graves Registration Service had the terrible task of following military battles, typically a few days after the fighting was finished, to properly identify and either bury or send home the fallen soldiers.

With the world wide…

Date: 1948-06

From 1948 to 1949, a colony of several dozen families working for the CAA (forerunner to the FAA) lived and worked on Palmyra. While there, they published a weekly periodical with news and highlights on events around the atoll.

The small paper…

Date: 1948/1949

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