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This brief order rescinded President Roosevelt's original order, giving the Navy control of Palmyra. It was a final step in restoring ownership to the Fullard-Leo family, and helped solidify Palmyra's status as an unincorporated territory after the…

Date: 1952-08-27

Notes on the birds of Palmyra.pdf
This account by ornithologist Dr. Frank Richardson, describes the observed bird species and behaviors during a short visit to Palmyra in 1953. Dr. Richardson was part of a 45 member team, led by investor Richard Kimball, to evaluate Palmyra as a…

Date: 1953

Poisonous Fish Investigation.pdf
During the late 1940's and early 1950's, reports of fish poisoning from around the line islands and central Pacific became rampant. Scores of previously edible fish were now causing severe illness, and in some cases death. The Navy, acknowledging…

Date: 1953-05-06

Live Bait Fishing.pdf
This report excerpt describes fish caught and conclusion drawn from a 1953 project, to understand the health and size of fish populations in the Central Pacific. Commercial fishing in these regions was tricky at the time, because of ongoing reports…

Date: 1953-07

"Bonus" flights carrying VIPs helped carry additional supplies to the camp.jpg
Operation Grapple (Operation Dovecot in the US) was Britain's first nuclear weapons test in the Pacific. These photos show the US 6th Weather Squadron during their testing procedures and activities, as they tracked the environmental effects of the…

Date: 1957

Palmyra Call Sign:
Operator Call Sign: W7FNK
Operator Name: Jack Wheeler

Date: 1957-06-29

A brief mention of Otto Hornung's life and death. His name in the article is misspelled as "Horning". Otto live on Palmyra several times throughout the 1950s and 1960s, and is mentioned in a variety of articles, military correspondence and…

Date: 1958-10-16

Palmyra Call Sign: KP6
Operator Call Sign: K6IGP
Operator Name: Donald Richtenburg

Date: 1958-10-21

PolynesianParadise Album.jpg
This track, from the golden age of Hawaiian Lounge music, is off the album Polynesian Paradise by Phil Moore and his orchestra. Its also called Pearls of Paradise on some pressings, but as you can see from the album label, it was also (and likely…

Date: 1959

This photo shows noted botanist E. Yale Dawson studying samples on the Palmyra Atoll in 1958. This work would become the extensive published report, "Changes in Palmyra Atoll and its Vegetation through the Activities of Man". This work is perhaps the…

Date: 1967

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