Photographs from Dr. James Maragos

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Photographs from Dr. James Maragos


These 4 photo collections represent the larger work of Dr. James Maragos and his various to trips to Palmyra. Over the course of his career involvement with the atoll (which began while doing secret work for the US government), he has taken some of the most stunning photos of its islands and life there. He has been visiting the atoll for 4 decades, and in that time has worked diligently to keep it safe, clean, and in the right hands.


Dr. James Maragos


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Nuclear Feasibility Study
In 1979, a small group of government researchers and officials covertly flew to Palmyra on a classified mission to asses the feasibility of storing nuclear material on the atoll. The group encountered difficulties with their aircraft along the way,…

Army Corps of Engineers Cleanup Survey
In 1987, Dr. James Maragos helped convince the then owners of Palmyra, the Fullard-Leo family, to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to survey Palmyra, for a potential cleanup project to remove materials still left from the Naval occupation during…

USFWS and Nature Conservancy Scouting Trip
In 1998, Dr. James Maragos was part of a joint effort by the USFWS and Nature Conservancy to explore Palmyra as a possible nature preserve and adventure tourism site. While there they took a number of photographs of the coral and wildlife.

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