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Line Islands Experiment


These items represent Palmyra's role in the Line Islands Experiment, described in its summary report as follows:

"In 1967 NCAR (National Center for Ocean Research) managed its first major field program, the Line Islands Experiment. Surface, airborne, and satellite data were gathered from the central equatorial Pacific to study the region's role in global circulation. The project produced extensive data on disturbances in the equatorial trough zone and kicked off the 15-year Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP)."

And in a formal press release described as follows:

"A task force of ships, planes, barges, and men is converging on three small atolls in the Pacific to set up tent cities, clear airstrips, and establish radio nets, aircraft beacons, and radar installations.

Although this may sound like a World War II military land-sea-air operation, its goals are scientific and entirely peaceful. The planes and ships are equipped with research instruments rather than guns, the tent cities will house scientists and technicians instead of fighting men, and the radar will search the skies for cloud formations rather than hostile aircraft.

This operation, known as the Line Islands Experiment, will consist of an intensive two-month series of meteorological observations to be made near the equator south of Hawaii. It is a cooperative undertaking by a group of university scientists, government agencies, and private organizations. The experiment is backed by the National Science Foundation and has been endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences." - Source

Data was gathered from 3 remote Pacific islands, one of which was Palmyra. A large feature of the project were the panoramic cameras installed at each location to capture cloud formations over time lapse.







Items in the Line Islands Experiment Collection

Photo Collection:  Line Islands Experiment
These photos were taken by personnel while stationed on Palmyra and showcase the project and its members at the time, as well as some beautiful aerials and scenic shots of the islets.

Excerpt from  the Catalogue of Meteorological Data Captured During the Line Islands Experiment
Project summary and data gathered during the line islands experiment during 1967. Includes general information on Palmyra, photographs and diagrams from the researchers stationed there, and a summary of the project data.

Photo Collection: Catalogue of Meteorological Data Obtained During the Line Islands Experiment
Photos taken from the full report of the Line Islands Experiment, showing various activities on Palmyra and several diagrams.

Photo Collection: Dr. Ed Zipser during the Line Islands Experiment
Dr. Zipser was the scientific coordinator for the Line Islands Experiment, a testament to his knowledge and skill, having received his doctorate just a few years prior. The LIE was formative in establishing his career, and he would go on to do be…

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