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The Palmyra Atoll is an unorganized, incorporated US territory, sitting approximately 1,000 miles due south of Hawaii, at the north end of the Line Islands.  This site is a catalogue of events and materials, starting with the atoll's first recorded discovery in 1798, up to its sale to the Nature Conservancy in 2001.  

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U.S. Workers on Pacific Isle


Brief but unique account from 1943, about a contractor named M.R. "Slim" Gooding, who worked on Palmyra's initial Navy construction projects. It…

Islets at Palmyra

Iselts at Palmyra-1938.jpg

This photo comes from an unknown publication, but the photos were likely taken as part of the USS Taney's visit to Palmyra in 1937 (despite the date…

Coconut Circuit

Coconut Circuit.pdf

In May of 1943, a group of high ranking military officers embarked on an inspection tour of the Pacific Naval bases, many of which had recently…

Fighting Hawaii


This magazine from 1943, showcases the military branches as they were operating in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific, with specific focus on their…

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